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current Wolverines's what I don't get

6:55 AM 8/7/07 · They've been doing a whole bit on the supposed truth behind characters with a beastial nature (Wolverine, Sabretooth, Wild Child, etc.) for the last couple of months and a lot of it has been going through what's currently going on and a lot of flashbacks. As far as those glimpses into the past, I have little problem with, but the recent stuff is wonky as all get out.

Especially how things finished up with Sabretooth...but no spoilers for you.

During the inisial bit, in the present a few issues back, Wolverine cut off Sabretooth's hand and a few other choice parts. Rather than let it grow back, Creed just places the removed item back where it just was and his healing factor just reconnected it; clever. However, it shouldn't have been possible to get it lopped off in the first place.

What happened to Sabretooth's adamantium skeleton?

Creed originally got adamantium a stretch back to even the odds somewhat. Then he lost it when Apocalypse decided to give it back to Logan in order to turn him into one of his Horsemen. Then Creed got it back when he re·joined Weapon X. To the best of my knowledge, up until this current run of the Wolverine series, he still had it.

When and how exactly did Creed lose it?
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