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X-Men Daily

X-Men Daily: A Picture Community
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Welcome to X-Men Daily!

This is a unique community for posting and sharing pictures of X-Men. That includes pictures from the movies, cartoon series, or scans from comic books, or actors from the movies. So you see, this is a fairly open picture community, dedicated to any and all pictures X-Men! Another thing that makes this community special is its comprehensive RESOURCE LIST, made just for your convenience! Make sure you check it out - you might find something you like. You can also use our TAGS DIRECTORY to look for your favorite characters/actors in previous posts.

Posting Guidelines

  1. Keep this a fun place to post. Please be nice to each other, rudeness will not be tolerated.

  2. All posts must contain a picture related to X-Men. This can be movies, cartoons, comic books, or the actors. Pictures of X-Men actors in other roles or just as themselves are welcome too. There are some "themed" posts (where the posts feature a particular character/actor) but you don't have to limit yourself. You can make posts containing any number of characters/actors.

  3. Use LJ-cuts. They are for any images over 500px in width, or when you're posting multiple images. Feel free to leave one (less than 500px) image outside of the cut as a teaser. Here is how it's done:

    LJ-cuts: The code is: <lj-cut text="What you want the link to say"> The content </lj-cut>
    Posting images: The code is: <img src="http URL goes here">

  4. Graphics are not allowed. You have lots of options elsewhere for sharing your icons, wallpapers, and other graphics. This community is for unaltered images.

  5. No hotlinking. Please don't link to an image that you didn't host yourself. There is a resource list provided in the community which includes places for you to host pictures.

  6. One post at a time. Don't make posts one after the other, even with multiple themes. Include everything you want into one, and remember you can always edit things into your posts too (you can choose to include a note that there's been an edit). This rule is just to reduce spam.

  7. Tags are optional, but preferred. Like any catalog, tags are most useful when they are organized, so let's keep them simple and easy to remember. To tag any character, use their code name or full name IF they do not have a code name. To tag an actor, just use their full name. Even if it's pictures of them in another role, if it's not X-Men, use the actor's actual full name.

  8. No netspeak. Use proper English!

Thanks for reading - go ahead and join and have fun!

Questions, Comments?

Our community maintainers are sleepall_day and the_odd_one. Let us know if you have any questions. You can also email sleepall_day @ livejournal .com and the_odd_one @ livejournal .com (or leave a comment to a post that we've made) if you have anything to say or ask, including if you wish to affiliate with xmen_daily.


All of our affiliates are listed on this page. The post also contains some specifics if you'd like to be one - just comment to the same post if you want to exchange links.

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